Yesterday’s & Older Kerala Lottery Results

The official government Kerala lottery Result sites are Kerala lotteries and Kerala gazette to view Kerala lottery result today, the official Kerala lottery results are published in PDF format daily 3.30pm. The official Kerala lottery results publishing daily at 3.30pm onwards.
Now Kerala government conducting 7 daily lotteries 1 biweekly Nirmal bumper lottery Result and six mega Bumper lottery result draw per year, Next bumper lottery result draw is pooja bumper draw 2016. kerala lottery tickets available inside Kerala only.All lottery result draw starting on 2.30 pm live audio is not available now, government announced The live streaming facility shorty arranging with the help of credit now Live text lottery result available

Latest 20 Lottery Draw Results

Lottery/DrawNo Draw Date
Karunya (KR-333) 17-02-2018
NIRMAL (NR-57) 16-02-2018
Karunya Plus (KN-200) 15-02-2018
AKSHAYA (AK-332) 14-02-2018
AKSHAYA (AK-332) 13-02-2018
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-93) 12-02-2018
POURNAMI (RN-326) 11-02-2018
Karunya (KR-332) 10-02-2018
NIRMAL (NR-56) 09-02-2018

Latest and Old Lottery Draw Result

Lottery/DrawNo Draw Date View
POURNAMI (RN-320) 31.12.2017 View
Karunya (KR-326) 30-12-2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-50) 29-12-2017 View
Karunya Plus (KN-193) 28/12/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-325) 27.12.2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-86) 26.12.2017 View
WIN-WIN (W-440) 25.12.2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-319) 24.12.2017 View
Karunya (KR-325) 23-12-2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-49) 22-12-2017 View
Karunya Plus (KN-192) 21/12/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-324) 20.12.2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-85) 19.12.2017 View
WIN-WIN (W-439) 18.12.2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-318) 17.12.2017 View
Karunya (KR-322) 02-12-2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-46) 01-12-2017 View
Karunya Plus (KN-189) 30/11/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-321) 29.12.2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-82) 28.11.2017 View
WIN-WIN (W-436) 27.11.2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-315) 26.11.2017 View
Karunya (KR-321) 25-11-2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-45) 24-11-2017 View
Karunya Plus (KN-188) 23/11/2017 View
POOJA BUMPER (BR-58) 22.11.2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-320) 22.11.2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-81) 21.11.2017 View
WIN-WIN (W-435) 20.11.2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-314) 19.11.2017 View
Karunya (KR-320) 18-11-2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-44) 17-11-2017 View
Karunya Plus (KN-187) 16/11/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-319) 15/11/2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-80) 14.11.2017 View
WIN-WIN (W-435) 13.11.2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-313) 12.11.2017 View
Karunya (KR-319) 11-11-2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-43) 10-11-2017 View
Lottery/DrawNo Draw Date View
POURNAMI (RN-312) 05.11.2017 View
Karunya (KR-318) 04-11-2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-42) 03-11-2017 View
Karunya Plus (KN-185) 02/11/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-317) 01.11.2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-78) 31.10.2017 View
WIN-WIN (W-432) 30.10.2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-311) 29.10.2017 View
Karunya (KR-317) 28-10-2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-41) 27-10-2017 View
Karunya Plus (KN-184) 26/10/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-316) 25.10.2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-77) 24.10.2017 View
WIN-WIN (W-431) 23.10.2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-310) 22.10.2017 View
Karunya (KR-316) 21/10/2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-40) 20/10/2017 View
Latest 10 Lottery Draw Results
Lottery/DrawNo Draw Date View
Karunya Plus (KN-183) 19/10/2017 View
Akshaya (AK-315) 18/10/2017 View
Sthree Sakthi (SS-76) 17/10/2017 View
WIN-WIN (W-430) 16/10/2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-309) 15/10/2017 View
Karunya (KR-315) 14/10/2017 View
NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY (NR-39) 13/10/2017 View
Karunya Plus (KN-182) 12/10/2017 View
Lottery/DrawNo Draw Date View
Karunya Plus (KN-182) 12/10/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-314) 11/10/2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-75) 10/10/2017 View
WIN-WIN (W-429) 09/10/2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-308) 08/10/2017 View
Karunya (KR-314) 07/10/2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-38) 06/10/2017 View
Karunya Plus (KN-181) 05/10/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-313) 04/10/2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-74) 03/10/2017 View
No Lottery Drawn 02/10/2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-307) 01/10/2017 View
Karunya (KR-313) 30/09/2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-37) 29/09/2017 View
Karunya Plus (KN-180) 28/09/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-312) 27/09/2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-73) 26/09/2017 View
WIN-WIN (W-428) 25/09/2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-306) 24/09/2017 View
Karunya (KR-312) 23/09/2017 View
THIRUVONAM BUMPER (BR 57) 22/09/2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-36) 22/09/2017 View
Karunya Plus (KN-179) 21/09/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-311) 20/09/2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-72) 19/09/2017 View
WIN-WIN (W-427) 18/09/2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-305) 17/09/2017 View
Karunya (KR-312) 16/09/2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-35) 15/09/2017 View
Karunya Plus (KN-178) 14/09/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-310) 13/09/2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-71) 12/09/2017 View
WIN-WIN (W-426) 11/09/2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-304) 10/09/2017 View
Karunya (KR-310) 09/09/2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-34) 08/09/2017 View
Karunya Plus (KN-177) 07/09/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-309) 06/09/2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-70) 05/09/2017 View
Onam Holiday 04/09/2017 ——
POURNAMI(RN-303) 03/09/2017 View
Karunya (KR-309) 02/09/2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-33) 01/09/2017 View
Karunya Plus (KN-176) 31/08/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-309) 30/08/2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-69) 29/08/2017 View
WIN-WIN (W-425) 28/08/2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-302) 27/08/2017 View
Karunya (KR-308) 26/08/2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-32) 25/08/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-308) 24/08/2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI (SS-68) 23/08/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-308) 22/08/2017 View
WIN-WIN (W-424) 21/08/2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-301) 20/08/2017 View
Karunya (KR-307) 19/08/2017 View
NIRMAL (NR-31) 18/08/2017 View
Karunya Plus (KN-174) 17/08/2017 View
AKSHAYA (AK-307) 16/08/2017 View
WIN-WIN (W-423) 14/08/2017 View
POURNAMI (RN-300) 13/08/2017 View
Karunya  (KR-306) 12/08/2017 View
NIRMAL  (NR-30) 11/08/2017 View
Karunya Plus  (KN-173) 10/08/2017 View
AKSHAYA  (AK-305) 09/08/2017 View
STHREE SAKTHI   (SS-67) 08/08/2017 View
WIN-WIN  (W-422) 07/08/2017 View