First of all I like the fact that this phone is narrow and long in length. Additional Product Features Display Resolution. Styled to perfection the sleek looks of this handset encompass both style and comfort in the hand. Current AMOLED screens differ in such a way that they can exhibit much more saturated colors sometimes too much and incredibly high contrast levels, which is due to black color being completely black in AMOLED displays. Average represents the mean value, calculated from all phones, from the last year. Overview Specifications Read opinions Add to comparison. This one is displayed in a small size in the contact list too, but only if we choose this kind of display mode.

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Battery wrapped with a motorola stamped piece of paper, manual is a photocopy on cheap paper, charging usb slot does not close, keeps asking for sim card over and over again, battery cover is softest plastic material. Games and video motirola typically take up the biggest amount of storage space. Numeric keypad, Soft keys.


This is the most typical Motorola phone in the world. Colors – Shows the number of colors that the additional display supports. Compare the latest phones online. Internal storage – Bigger storage capacity allows you to keep more content phon onto your device, such as more applications, photos or video. The alarm clock can store many time points and it alerts even when the handset is turned off.


The browser can theoretically display HTML pages too, but this is completely unnecessary, as in case of a more complex site it collapses and only says motoorola user that the page is too large.

Voice chat, send an email, share images or just simply send a message. Print this page Bookmark.

This one is displayed in a small size in the contact list too, but only if we choose this kind of display mode. They are available on Ebay at really reasonable prices too.

I have been using one of these older style flip phones for a few years now. At local level we can use a standard USB cable to access the memory card even without special software, but if we would like to tamper with the phlne contents of the phone we will need the motoroal suite.

Motorola W510 – zero excitement

It works in portrait mode, there is no w5510 or flash and there is a limited number of settings. Polyphonic ringtones, Vibration, Phone profiles, Speakerphone Other features: Bluetooth Share music, exchange photos and talk with no hands.

So I sold my Moto handset and bought Nokia N We can set image size, quality, preset modes automatic, daylight, interior, night mode, cloudywhite balance and camera sounds, which can be turned off.

The seller did not send the correct owner’s manual and after locating on the web, features like these are explicitly mentioned once you have the manual. Click to compare the size of the phone with a credit card.

Great phone at a great price. I bought it some place on Fourth Ave. With its thin and mohorola design, the W is not at all weighty and can easily fit into the palm of your hand or your pocket.


The higher the number, the more detailed and good-looking the display is. Screen-to-body ratio – Shows what part of the frontal area of a phone its screen occupies.

Only bad thing I’ve noticed is the screen sometimes takes a little bit to load.

Motorola W – User opinions and reviews

puone I personally ordered the purple color because of it’s rich deep look. The back is completely plastic. The message editor is the same for MMS and SMS messages, our creation becomes a multimedia message as soon as we insert some multimedia content.

Most relevant reviews See all 55 reviews. The battery had a rather good performance, it kept the phone online for three days and when it gets low on power it still takes it for a night. More items related to this product. It’s a simple phone and that’s all I need to just talk and text. I bought this phonee because other people in my family have the same phone in a different color and seem to like it.

Additional display – Shows specs of the phone’s additional display.