This way, motion sequences can be saved in the drive system and controlled via a master PLC. Page 8 78 version:. Shop 3D Printer Accessories. In combination with the electronics ILE has the characteristics of an absolute value encoder. The position is defined by a mechanical switch:

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Lexium Integrated Drives | Troubleshooting and Tips from MRO Drives

Application example Pick-and-place with a linear robot 5 Inc. Gearing only with ILEp66 motor length Without gearing: Shop Filter Loss Gauges. Shop Basic Snap Action Switches.

Positioning accuracy motor Inc. Application example Setting a reference before switching to “Profile Position” mode Additional operating modes Additional operating modes can be activated via fieldbus or PC: Shop Electronic Enclosure Accessories.

Page 68 Page 6 66 version:.

ILE – Lexium Integrated Drive

RS85 commissioning interface An RS85 commissioning interface is available in addition to the fieldbus interface. The movement commands can include reference movements integarted positioning commands.


A multiturn encoder is optionally available for ILA. Shop Circuit Breaker Accessories.

Page 8 Page 6 version:. Product Added to Cart. Shop Ionizer and Controls.

The data set to be processed integdated selected via signal inputs and then activated by a start signal. Page 6 Page 6 58 version:.

RS85 commissioning interface The RS85 commissioning interface is used to connect the RS85 bus for commissioning purposes.


They have a common power supply and are not galvanically isolated. Page 8 7 version:. This speed is maintained until a different reference speed is specified or the operating mode is changed. Ready-to-be-used function blocks facilitate motion programming with a Schneider Electric motion controller. Limit values with flanged motor mounted on a steel plate x x mm Measured at the surface Voltage relating to Vc Description Page 98 References: The supply voltage does not have to be interrupted.

General principles for design ISO At constant level LOW, the motor operates with the adjusted maximum motor phase current. The following converters are available on the market. Four different V signals are also available. The “Lexium CT” commissioning software can be used for tasks such as reading the error memory or monitoring the temperature.


The RS85 commissioning interface is also used for commissioning the drive system. ILS for motion sequence is available with printed circuit board connectors. Basic Snap Integrrated Switches. Shop Lamps Light Bulbs.

Application example Prior to absolute positioning in “Profile Position” mode. Simultaneous fieldbus and RS85 connections are possible. Travel and Brief Cases. Page ILA with servo motor: