Kerala Lottery Result: Karunya Plus ( KN-180) 28/09/2017 THURSDAY


karunya Plus result (KN-180) 28-9-2017 : Welcome to Today’s, Today Kerala lottery result is Live KARUNYA PLUS (KN-180). Weekly lottery draw conducted by Kerala lottery department at Sree Chithra Home Auditorium 28-9-2017 by Kerala Lottery Department and the result will be published in the official websites of Kerala Lottery Department 28-9-2017, and by 03:00 PM. You can view this KARUNYA PLUS (KN-180) Lottery results today live here today as early as it is possible. Refresh this Live KARUNYA PLUS Lottery (KN-180) Results 28-9-2017 for new winning numbers of KARUNYA PLUS (KN-180)

Official Live Lottery Results
1st Prize- 
Rs :5,000,000/- 

Consolation Prize- 
Rs. 10,000/- 

2nd Prize- 
Rs :100,000/- 
3rd Prize- 
Rs. 5,000/- 
4th Prize- 
Rs. 2,000/- 

5th Prize- 
Rs. 1,000/- 

6th Prize- 
Rs. 500/- 

7th Prize- 
Rs. 200/- 

8th Prize- 
Rs. 100/-

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Kerala lottery result today official government result on Keralalotteries today kerala results sites are keralalotteries in and .com. Kerala gazette to view kerala lottery result today , the official kerala lottery results are published in PDF format daily updating 4.00pm and live Result available on 3.00pm unofficial. The official kerala lottery results publishing daily at 4.00 pm onwards. Now Kerala government conducting 7 daily lottery Result and six mega Bumper lottery result draws per year, Next bumper lottery result draw is Onam bumper draw Result .All Bumper lottery result draw starting on 2.00 pm ,Daily lottery results are Pournami Lottery on Sunday, Win Win Lottery on Monday, Sthree Sakthi Lottery publishing on Tuesday ,Akshaya Lottery on wednesday ,KarunyaPlus lottery publishing on Thursday ,Bhagyanidhi lottery on Friday and Karunya lottery on saturday are the daily kerala lottery resultsHere you can see two formats of Kerala lottery result today. The first one is in check easy format and the second one in official result copy format. In both way you can confirm your Kerala lottery result today here. In check easy format you can find the winning numbers of Kerala lottery results in such an assorted method that the last four digits are arranged in ascending order in each line to check them easily. You can find the official copy of Kerala lottery results published by Kerala lottery department in image format in the section “Official Copy of Kerala Lottery result Today”. You can tap or click on the image to see it enlarged and clear.

Daily lottery tickets in Kerala are Pournami (65 Lak) (Sunday), Win Win (65 Lakh)(Monday), Sthree Sakthi (60 Lakh) (Tuesday), Akshaya (50 Lakh) (Wednesday), Karunya Plus (50 Lakh) (Thursday), Nirmal (70 Lakh) (Friday) and Karunya (75 Lakh) (Saturday). All daily tickets are face value Rs.30/- only. For all draw start at 3:00 PM Kerala lottery result release by 4:00 PM.

Kerala bumper lottery tickets are X-Mas New Year Bumper (January), Summer Bumper (March), Vishu Bumper (May), Monsoon Bumper (July), Thiruvuonam Bumper (September), Pooja Bumper (November). The MRP of bumper ticket may be between Rs.100/- to Rs.250/- according to the prizes. First Prizes may vary from Rs. 3 Crore to Rs. 10 Crore (Latest Onam bumper lottery-2017).

Kerala lottery Result department has ordered find out lottery frauds involving single-digit lotteries in kerala state. The single-digit lottery or ‘written lottery’, is actually illegal betting on the basis of kerala lottery result.Government may be rearrange the prize structure of all Kerala lottery Kerala Lottery Result publishing live results daily at 3.00 PM, Official Keralalotteries Lottery Results at 4.00pm Kerala Lottery Result Today release result every day at 3.00 pm, Lottery Result available on various website keralalotteries keralalotteryresult keralalotteryresults keralalotteryresulttoday and more kerala lottery result sites available. : Kerala Lottery Result Today kerala state lottery result