On my computer – C: Message 9 of This is a 2 channel meter, and my plan is to sweep one channel from 0 to 5 volts and measure the voltage it is sourcing, while the other channel is swept from mV to mV so no change in voltaage and measure the current coming through. Break the problem into smaller steps and when you get stuck come back to this thread and let us know where you are stuck. It will wait for one operation to stop, before the next one starts. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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We really can’t help without some specifics.

Message 6 of Message 10 of Message 1 of In order to synchronize Channel A and B, you need to share a clock and a trigger. I hope i understand the application correct the device put out a known voltage and you measure back the current so the resistance must be calulated. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.


I hae used the labview drivers of keithley I know this post is old but had the same problem and fixed it. The sourcemeter is connected via GPIB cable.

Message 1 of Labview drivers for the Model can be downloaded from the National Instruments site at http: Anyway I now that I’m back, here’s what I managed so far: Thats why i need interface. Message 8 of I just had to reconfigure the DUT.

Lxbview 2 of Message 7 of I want to make interface between them so that they can be control using PC Labview and command the experiment on labview. Message 6 of I found the following post on a Keithley forum labviiew seems to cover the same error:.

Message 3 of 4.

Increasing Keithley sample rat – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Sir i can make interface with A with usb but i have other madel of lakeshore Model Also when i include negative voltages in my sweep say like if im sweeping from -2 to 2 then the current values in between go to e-8 range which cannot happen as my resitor value iss 2. Or did you need to coordinate a communication scheme with them from a PC?

I found the following post on a Keithley forum that seems to cover the same error: I will measure transport properties while going low temp to high. If you need assistance on changing the address, please contact service lakeshore. Do you want an interface between the two devices?


Instrument Driver Search – National Instruments

Most Active Software Boards: I have attched the IV curve im getting thus. This will take time to learn how to do, but will be very rewarding once you have done it.

The quickest labvieew to find VISA is to go to a vi’s block diagram and press control-space. After finally having time, I’ve got the Advance Sweep Working.

I was able to find a discussion forum regarding the error code, the example, and a Kethley 26xxa product that may be of use to you. Most Active Software Boards: I need to communicate with both instruments at same time.