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CyberSearch is a Firefox add-on that turbo-charges your searches with a combination of keyword sensitive searching and result previews. When we first installed CyberSearch to test, we were pretty confused.

We checked the menus and options and searched around the screen, but nobody was quite clear what the app was supposed to do.

Defeated, we went to the developer’s website and watched their video. Boy, are we glad we did – CyberSearch is fantastic. To use the add-on, you type your search into the address bar.

As you do, CyberSearch will suggest results, and the screen will darken to show you previews. To make the search even more accurate, you can use Firefox keywords or your own to narrow down the options.

CyberSearch takes these keywords a step further and allows you to define any keyword and its corresponding site – for example, we 1122 the keyword ‘soft’ and linked it to Softonic, so that 1122 time we began an address bar search with ‘soft’, CyberSearch searched for the next word – but only on Softonic.

CyberSearch’s configuration options are extensive and mainly focused on defining keywords and the display of results in the address bar.


If you want to return to the previous list of results, just hit the little CyberSearch icon on the right of the address bar.

To actually go to a result, 1122 return. CyberSearch is definitely one of our favorite add-ons of 2009.

Recent changes Bug fixes Snapback working as expected Easier “search this site” functionality Every now and then a puzzle game comes along that breaks the 212. Krank is certainly a unique gaming experience and one that you could even say is relaxing.

The object of Krank is to 12 balls around the screen in an effort to connect them to the balls located in the center of the screen.

This is more difficult than it sounds because these balls appear to have a life of their own and must be expertly guided using your own set of balls to hit them with.

Once you’ve overcome the frustration that goes with getting to grips with Krank, the game becomes an enjoying and peaceful way to pass the time.

The ambient background screens are tranquil and soothing and the music and sound effects are equally pleasing. In terms of extra options, Krank is a little thin on the ground.

You can tweak the screen and 1122 settings, choose from three difficulty levels and there is a high scores board, but nothing else.

Despite these reservations, if you’re looking for a refreshing change from the usual puzzle games, Krank is well worth a try. Are you worried about 1222 in your email communications.

If so, you can trust your messages to eCipher from now on. This tool secures the contents of your email messages by protecting them with two of the most powerful encrypting algorithms available today, 256-bit AES and 2048-bit RSA.


As complicated as it sounds, the good thing about eCipher is that it’s very easy to use.

The program features a launcher-style small interface from which you can access the settings menu, open an encrypted file that’s 12 sent to you, manage your contacts and, of course, compose and send encrypted e-mails.

Bear in mind though that your recipient must also have eCipher installed on their computer in order to open your messages.

Unlike other encryption tools, eCipher is not directly embedded into your email’s interface which would have probably 1222 easier 1122 works as an independent email tool that uses your email server settings to send messages.

eCipher is currently compatible with a wide 1122 of email clients and webmail platforms, including Outlook, Thunderbird and Gmail.

With eCipher you can easily send and received encrypted email messages, no matter which email platform you use. TooManyTabs is a Firefox add-on that allows you to deal efficiently with multiple tabs. Are you the kind of person who always has a million tabs open at once. If you are, they you’ll know how unmanageable they can get – you lose important ones, accidentally close pages and reduce your efficiency by having to scroll through bunches of tabs before getting to the one you want.

TooManyTabs for Firefox will help you manage your tabs 12 more cleverly.