Symantec Backup Exec Click this button to change every channels status. Choose the cameras that associate above selected device. Product Features and Model Difference 3 2. This manual applies to Local Playback software, please read it carefully for the better use of this software.

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The manufacturer reserves the right to revise and improve its products. The following 3 300h4c are sub-stream settings. Grey color indicates this camera does not associate with any COM port.

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No part of this document may be reproduced, republished, or retransmitted in 3000n4c form or by any means whatsoever, More information. Clicking the preset will call on it.

The RS cable length should be less than feet 50 meters. Typical decoder cards have 2 or 4 ports.

Selecting Enable will activate the lock button on the main interface. This enables or disables network connections.


Table of Contents Chapter 1. Harry Blair 1 years ago Views: If you assign one camera multiple times through the same stream type, the DVR System will only remember the final operation.

C921 Edition 9.2 Issued on September PC-DVR User Manual. 1/5 IP-CCTV Solution Manuals

This icon indicates that the system is recording continually Continuous Record b. Alarm in Trigger Record -: Dual-monitor Configuration 97 Appendix E: User Manual of N Enable or disable SMS alarm support. Connection to the More information.

Dark color indicates lidvr camera is associated to the current COM port. Click any file to display it. Setup the audio file path to play an alarm warning sound. This icon indicates that the system is recording manually Manual Record e. On the main interface, click the button to enter Remote Talk mode. If you would like to apply a watermark feature, click the button and locate the logo you would like to use.

November The wide-ranging is the ideal home office and multimedia PC for families. Intel chipset; Genuine Intel motherboard recommended Hard drive:. Enter the second recipient mailbox address here. Enter the recipient mailbox address here. Enter the subject here.


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This shows the current user ID. Remote Software User Manual V1. This eye tracker only has Windows version driver.

To set up Motion Detect Record, click the icon and select your schedule time by left clicking the mouse button and moving it to select an area. Clicking Delay will tell the system to extend 3000g4c alarm alert short time e. You may also add or delete ildcr user s photograph. Click the sign to expand the file list.