If you’re daisychaining them and you have that problem maybe you should have the MIDI run thru USB if you have that option with your controller. You want to have this as a point you can roll back to if you need to. You’re right it does show invisible files. I think some of my trouble shooting steps can be generalized to anyone who needs to uninstall a piece of software for which the developer does not have a proper uninstaller. M-Audio Aggregate and Midi Problem. Charles Floading Charles Floading.

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If nothing else, knowing that you work successfully there tells me that I can always just set things up on that drive if I can’t get satisfactory performance on Yosemite. I’m unable to get the motif to play on my monitors. Most everything worked like a charm, except my interface.

Need to delete/uninstall all traces of Av… – Apple Community

I want to b able to listen to both my software inst and external midi at once on my Bx I’m going to try installing the Anyone has any advise?? Once installed and launched, just type in “avid” and you will see all kinds of avid files and folders including invisible ones. The second link is aimed at uninstalling ProTools. I much prefer this to Spotlight for searches.


Once you confirm that, save THIS as a bootable clone before re-installing stuff. Subsequent boots were much faster.

This will take a few minutes, it is a general maintenance routine for the OS, very important to ensure the proper functioning of MIDI and audio. The setup package generally installs about 83 files and is usually about 3.

This post has been the most helpful post I’ve ever seen on these type of websites. Too bad I can’t get Spotlight or EasyFind to search the copyright info! Which countries install it?

M-Audio Aggregate and Midi Problem – Logic Pro Help

This was a clean install, so there shouldn’t be any funky legacy cruft. I think some of my trouble shooting steps can be generalized to remvoe who needs to uninstall a piece of software for which the developer does not have a proper uninstaller. Comments Error posting comment. When I look under Preferences for audio, it shows two options for the audio interface “Digidesign HW” and “Avid rack.


Jow 18, 9: Yes Found in the run registry.

But I’m still using my Digi Rack as an audio interface. I had no problem using the Avid uninstallers when I was trying different drivers. Neither of these frameworks have Avid or Digi in the file name which makes them hard to find using search tools.

Logic Pro Help

Even the Apple engineers are not this complete. May 6, 7: Have you been able to get MIDI working?

Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. There were some issues with the previous driver 1.

Avid MIDI IO Driver x64

FYI, I believe I’m using the Since PT isn’t qualified on There’s an option in Spotlight to search copyright, but I think it just searches the date of dugidesign, not the name of the copyright holder.

Ask a question Reset. Avid specializes in video and audio production technology, specifically, digital non-linear editing systems, management and distribution services.