Check to see how you have your Television connected to your set top box. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. The one I received has a Somagic SMI chipset which only has an experimental kernel driver that requires building a custom kernel. You can probably do this with whatever the svideo device is too. Several options exist that may be of assistance when troubleshooting or for certain use cases. Supposedly this problem has been addressed in kernel version 3.

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Be aware that your PC has to deal with this stream, so ensure it can deal with the bitrate and resolution via USB — as these were for YouTube I decided that p would be more than enough for an 8 year old. I used a Windows PC at work to run the firmware upgrade utility. In order for the audio pass through to operate correctly you need to configure the settings in the Total Media Extreme application.

Prior to this device, component capture devices were cost-prohibitive and were not directly supportable within Linux. July 29th, 4.

For example, i input records hx i, P records at P, etc. If you can’t upgrade your kernel version, or run an earlier HD-PVR firmware version, then you can try and work-around the issue as a last resort using one of the following solutions. At the highest settings the quality is very good and it uses less space.


prv Click here for the latest version. M2TS which is compatible with the Sony Playstation3. Once I got the audio working, I could watch TV just fine using the passthrough. If you the developer create a small ‘network push’ filter that can receive the transport packets in the directshow graph, then forward them to a udp network address and port for example udp: So let’s get right into it.

However, the driver may not have the necessary bits to enable the IR transmitter. The audio format is “passed through” to the recording. Please see the appropriate setup instructions for your game console:. Audio is recorded using two channel stereo or optical audio with five channel Dolby Digital. Substitute the correct video in the example above. There are three formats which you can choose when recording a video: No doubt I’ll have to hx that every time there is a power flicker or liux that makes the box reset.

Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR

Unanswered topics Active topics New posts. Adjust device names or other settings as needed. See below for more information on codesets and lircd.

If this happens, reboot and see if the error resolves itself. Compilation errors do occur some times:. This can lead to MythTV’s connection with the driver becoming unstable, and subsequent recordings failing until the driver is reloaded and power is cycled on the HD-PVR.


You only have to follow this procedure if your kernel does not include the driver you want to use the IR transmitter and those bits are not in your kernel you need a newer driver A newer driver may also be necessary if you have a newer device as Hauppauge introduced a new USB device ID for the F1 revision. Any editing or cuts made in the middle segments of a clip will result in the audio being transcoded back to 2 channel audio.

Despite the name that implies it is a recorder, it is strictly a video capture device.

Hauppauge HD-PVR – MythTV Official Wiki

Now I’ll be able to display the TiVo screen and use the TiVo remote to queue up a recording just before I run a capture. See below for caveats and setup information.

Is there another easy way to test video input? It even deals with conflicts. Thanks for your help xzero1. July 30th, 7. Haven’t had a chance to recover my dockstars from storage so that will have to wait for a weekend or two.

There is no conversion of the audio format.