The clerk is required to file papers and record natters pertaining to pro- ceedings in the construction and inprovonent of roads and bridges V, s 2,4; , 3 Dall 92, 3: The judges’ appointing power was now restricted to overseers and road viewers while the governor appointed only the sealer of weights and measures. Wiere a caveat is entered against the probate of a will, or there is a dispute as to tho granting of letters, the orphans’ court may direct the register to certify the -. The district attorney prepares for the grand jury, indictments of persons charged with crimes and violations of the law. His office is on the first floor of the courthouse.

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Record of liens entered by county commissioners for unpaid taxes, showing names of parties, no. Record of defendants appearing in court, showing court term and case no. Record of indebtedness of municipalities, showing court term and case no. Hdw, on ptd, fm.

Full text of “Inventory of the county archives of Pennsylvania”

List of cases to be arpued on writs of certiorari, shovang names of parties, attorneys, court term and case no. Includes judgments against corporations and firms. Lists of new trials, trials without jury, an. Petition for appointment of guardian to give consent to marriage of minors, showing court terra and case no. Discontinued as a county recordj subsequent records kept by State Dxe of Vital Statistics. Equipment and Supplies, Accounts.


Auditors’ statements of resources and liabilities of boroughs and townships, showing court term and case no. Stenographic records -f nroceedings of quarter sessions court.

In children in institutions will become dfx sole charges of the board of county commissioners see Poor Districts of Luzerne County. In the Auditor General appointed perma- nent appraisers for Luzerne County, thereby cre.

The register, however, still records returns of the appraisers, and transmits a monthly state- ment thereof to the Departr. Le, Yen T OD.

Trial List,entry The Survey was organized and has been lc-812s by Luther H, Evans, and operates as a nation-wide project in the Division of Women’s and Professional Projects, of which Mrs.

By its previsions, county offices shall consist of sheriffs, coroners, prothonotaries, registers of wills, recorders of deeds, commissioners, treasurers, surveyors, auditors or controllers, clerks of the courts, district attorneys and such others as may from time to time be established by law 9. Matthias Hollcnback and William Hooker Sm. The archival guide herewith presented is intended to meet the requirements of day-to-day administration by the officials of the county, and also the needs of lawyers, business men and other citizens who require facts from the public records for the proper conduct of their affairs.

This building was pc-8812s for more than fifty years. If the perron served refuses to comply, the register must forvrard a record of the proceedings to the orphans’ court Kinutes Sc-e also entries 36, They also offer laser t Ex-Officio Boards The cooiissioncrs are ex-officio nenbers of certain boards which have been established by law to integrate the functions of two or nore offices.


Business – Northern Virginia VA South Edition Page 142 Business Pages

A state-owned institution at Polk is principally for feeble-tiinded children. Bonds posted by county prison officials, shovj-ing nane of official, title and location of office, tu. The sheriff was thereby deprived of the judicial po’vers possessed by that officer in England. As part of an agricultural prograu the Pennsylvania State College in coopera- tion with the Federal Department of Agriculture has established the Luzerne County Agricultural Extension Service under the direction of a county agricultural agent for the purpose of educating farmers and conducting demonstrations in home econo- mics.

Dental hygiene in the schools and health centers is conducted by hygienists of the State Division of Dental Hygiene of the Health Department, and others em- ployed by the Maternal and Child Health program of the Social Security Act. There is no legislative provision for the keeping of records by the solicitor and none are kept by ddex.

Loyd, Early Courts of Pennsylvan ia, Boston,p. The county prison is under the management of the pri- son commissioners. Hdv;, Aver, pp, 18 x 14 x 1,, 6 vols, treas, bsnt, vlt.