Very Good — Needs new top mounted cooling fan assembly and heating element repairs. Boy’s lightweight, woven, long sleeve, button front shirt with chest pocket. Furnace was previously used at an Aerospace facility. Net 30 days on approved credit Warranty on Rebuild: At completion of heat cycle furnace is back filled with Argon and cooled by external blower and heat exchanger. Maximum temperature of C.

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Last 2 photos show this pump as-is. Approximate shipping weight of 14, pounds. I have other clothing items listed for boys. Can be purchased either in As-Is condition or in Rebuilt condition with a warranty.

New in -Gas Cooling: Backfill gas cubic feet. Double walled water 2100cc horizontal load vessel. The customer is responsible for all charges involved in returning the items.

Trial Frame Fixed PD 5 pak

Built by GH Induction Atmospheres in From factory with F rating Cooling Gas: The vacuum furnace ccvc of a water-cooled cylindrical chamber, a molybdenum hot zone with tungsten heaters, a roughing pump, a holding pump, a diffusion pump, a heat exchanger assembly, and all associated valving.


Please provide a link to the lower priced product Q. Operating temperature of F. The unit has been rebuilt by a certified Spencer rebuilder and has not been used since the rebuild. Stokes vacuum pump, Roots booster pump Comments: Horizontal jacketed chamber – 60″ dia. Molybdenum hot zone with moly heating elements on 4 sides providing optimal temperature uniformity.

List of Items Enclosed in each Set: Control switches for all functions of the furnace including cc, vacuum, nitrogen backfill, gas fan and oil agitator are flush mounted in the enclosure. Can I Cancel a Best Offer? Intakes are sold separately. Furnace needs work in order to run parts. Top Load, 10″ Dia.

Very good – Operational – Approx. It’s not going to happen. Stokes ModelLot 21100c, Ser. This furnace has absolute pressure rating of 1.

The large bar-and-plate intercooler core replaces the factory intercooler.

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Mounted in a separate enclosure on the side of the furnace includes a “Watlow” SCR power controller for controlling voltage to the element transformer. 210c photos below are just examples of typical loaders used in the industry.


Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Photos show pump after rebuild. Honeywell controllers and paper chart recorder. Low voltage Tungsten Heating Elements – Hearth: Rear door also has a port for a circulation fan, if desired not included. Very Good — Operational Footprint: They are constructed from high-quality mandrel-bent aluminum.