Choose one IR function you want to change. I don’t know how well their SD analog capture cards work for tapes versus other analog sources. This mode will display the top 5 of your current scheduled list, you can click any of the scheduled item and check the detail information of it. The last mode is schedule view which has two different parts. Note Double check your work.

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Connect the IR receiver here. Hi guys i want to buy this card http: I also wanted some hauppage cards but also no one is selling them here. Shut down your computer and unplug main power cord.


As soon as you snap one shot, and it will be shown directly on the left and bottom corner of DTV Add-In for preview. When you return to your seat, you can resume viewing the program from the point when you left. Well master i don’t have where to buy technotrend or technisat cards new in my country and ebay and amazon don’t ship here. Straight-to-Disc Click on the top left corner of the icon on the control panel compor select Similar Threads Need help cloning desktop with ati all in wonder hd in vista via riser card By yoda in forum Computer.


See Hardware Installation section above for more information.

Видео обзор на Compro VideoMate Vista EF

First, there is a table that has five rows; However, you can interrupt the scanning process by pressing the Stop button. Got it, continue to print.

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Cambridge Audio Azur D. This section provides basic information for Comproo. Can this card capture in lossless or uncompressed vdub trough component possible? One of the difficulties with making suggestions for people living on other continents is that the products being offered and even manufacturers are different from what exists in N.

No part of this document may be copied or reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior written consent of Compro Technology, Inc.

Please write the details in order to determine the problem. If card is not hardware mpeg2 card will it be able to record from hdtv dvb-t signal with no problems i have quadcore 3.

You can download the latest update from our website. Are there any stores selling AVerMedia products locally? Choose one IR function you want to change. Note In order to receive digital terrestrial TV broadcast, you needs to have your own antenna which is crucial.


The following figure gives you the function of the button with Hot Key. Also you can press the mouse right button and move on the screen to shift the zoomed area of the image. My PC cannot shut down? Commpro personnally i have 3 cards one for dvb-t one for dvb-s and one for analog.

Contact Us VideoHelp Top. ATX power supply and a computer case with a separate power switch cable from power on button.

Page 29 No digital broadcast signal In order to receive digital terrestrial TV broadcasts, an antenna is crucial. Language select is only available while the program supports it. Connect the black socket of Power Up patch cable to the power switch connector on the mainboard. Insert the installation CD into your CD drive.