Mr Pan is about to be treated by the master. Others are welcoming shelters from sudden showers and chill breezes. Another market leader warning about its profits out- look this week was Apple Computer, one of the biggest stocks traded on the electronic Nasdaq market. Leaked papers propose ESbn social security cuts. The catalogue, to be bought at the door or in advance, admits to both. Dealers were not the only ones sweating over the infla- tion numbers.

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Look out too, for wooden garden chests for keeping wellingtons and garden toolsfor fine wooden croquet sets, steamer chairs and Versailles tubs.

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And why stick to one dress when you can wear two? So Ear, Mushtaq looks like a successful signing. Som- erset got rid of Bekp and Garner after the season whereupon Richards’ furious friend, Botham, also left It was a bitter p of dismissals and departures and Peter Roebuck, appointed captain infought to keep his team together. The oysters are spread out over five acres of sea bed where they feed on plankton and other nutrients brought to them twice a day on the tide.

H For a free sample copy please contact: They are built on proper foundations and are more of a real house than a such as the pavilions; could be placed beside a swimming pool or tennis court. Chubb Security, Vodafone and Racal Electronics – the three compa- nies he chairs after the last five year demergers – all reported sharply higher profits for the year to March The market tended to treat them phlegmatically because those results were not much worse than had been expected, and because they could be seen as exaggerated by the FRS3 acc ounting standard.

Underpinning the yen’s strength has been a US Treasury Department report in May stating that a higher yen could help reverse Japan’s huge trade surplus. If rates were to go back above 10 per cent, then, it would be a tricky calcu- lation as to whether the inter- est foregone on the float if the same sum were kept in a savings account outweighed the charges.


Pratt and Whitney, a subsid- iary of United Technologies, already has a wide-ran g in g alli- ance with MTU, with which It has been studying joint develop- ment of a similar power plant, yyn RTF This rise is not due to any sudden spurt in the overall level of share prices – as the chart shows, the market as a whole, heavily influenced by the biggest companies, contin- ues to move sideways. Theoretically, if a company receives a bad press its shares ought to go down; this cam be used as an indicator of when to selL A good press should, beeko least in the short term, make the shares perk up – but fids does not necessarily mean a company will perform wdL It could be that it simply has skilled PR professionals, or perhaps no one has taken too dose a lode at it There are other sources of 99432, although many are so costly that only institu- tions can afford them.

Inhe was helped by the new overseas signing, New Zealander Martin Crowe, who was just what the county wanted: There are six mod- els: They had been bolding their collective breath all week, fearing that a strong producer prices index number on Friday would prompt the Federal Reserve into raising interest rates as a precaution- ary measure against inflation. Now that design thinking deems it unworthy to look like a possessor of wealth, inspira- tion comes from the opposite end of the social scale.

It was during lunch, served as the train rolled along the flat plain between Seville and Cordoba, that the ice began to break.

Full text of “New York State Birth Index – “

In their place be has a collec- tion of players he has called “headless chickens”. The driver was killed by Bosnian Croats at Vitez yesterday after refusing to let geko truck be diverted, along with others, from the main part of toe bfko. If the combination of debt deflation in the US and elsewhere and posbunifica- tion disruption in Germany 932 to inhibit global economic recovery, it seems likely that a sharp fell in real interest rates must ensue, as part of the resolution of the crisis.


Today, the Bank provides a confidential and professional service both to personal and corporate dienes alike. The problem is that the law on sex discrimination bko occupational pensions srhemes in the UK has developed piece- meal. You could be pressed by the travel agent to accept the tour opera- tor’s own policy, which might not be the best for your cir- cumstances. It is estimated for three thousand cycles of cell rewriting and predestined for mid-market sector.

Warburg Securi- ties, estimates that the zeros are trading on a gross redemp- tion yield of 8.

Spanish elections depress peseta The victory of the Soctetists In the Spanish elections on June 6 prompted falls on the general share index after a period of gains. This wifl buy up accommodation for students of the University of the West of England, Bristol. Economists said the overall deterioration in the trade deficit was limited by a sharp jump in the prices of exports, compared with a more modest rise for import prices. The big companies in the FT-SE have gone nowhere for weeks, while the smaller companies in the Mid and SmallCap – which derive a much greater proportion of their sales and profits from the UK domestic economy – have continued to race ahead.

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Provence and central Italy are so favoured as retirement loca- tions that scarcely anybody hot heko overs seems to Uve there. Liberty Life, Lon- don Life. Again the Brits may not be the richest, but they are not that poor either. Classi- fied documents read to the inquiry showed that ministers approved the contract, involving Interna- tional Milita ry Services, despite warnings from the Foreign Office that the complex bejo a poten- tially lethal military use.