Now you can explore the new world of Windows 95 or NT while still relying on the security of your current operating system. You can get a second set of prints free or get them on a floppy disk. Being held in January, it’s the first Canadian trade show we attend, and we look forward to it as an energizer for the year to come. Yes, it is the world’s first browser imbedded application. Try CompuServe free for 30 days and decide for yourself — just call for your free CompuServe software. Graphics tablets To most of us, the most natural way to draw is with a pencil or pen. Bizarrely, I could not even read the disk on my Mac- intosh!

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Jul 26, Posts: Unfortunately, a detailed discussion of these important issues would require more space than I have avail- able here. We apologize for any errors or omissions. I should also mention that 1 worked exclu- sively in CMYK mode, to avoid any possible unpleasant surprises that often! You get more out of the Net with Netcom. Would this job have gone more smoothly on a Mac? The connected company last issue we talked about “convergence,” the coming together of traditional and new media in an increasingly standardized digital format.

The Mac, she noted, was a “really old one.

That’s why you should think bigger, and make sure your computer has a Quantum hard drive. Jhe cable is 1. And yet, notable absences aside, the usual demos and deals, wheeling and dealing, and all round, one- upmanship made for ari exciting time.


However, if we’re doing any kind of creation or experimentation with graphics for the Web, we do need tools that work and work well.

There is a kind of convergence happening in business, as well, as the human relationships and electronic- and paper-based business tech- nologies of the past are going digital, and going online. It has also introduced a sim- ilarly conceived title called Digital Doggie Duo, in which a computer user can raise and train a virtual canine.

The result— 17 GB of data on one CD-size disc. What hasn’t changed is the overall scheme of things: For Common Buyer Warranty Policy: He says his wife just completed a course in desk- top publishing, so the camera will be a wel- come addition to their studio. CompuServe lets you access your account locally from around the world.

The truth is, there’s always some- thing right around the corner.


Now Windows 95 come with 3 CDs and a manual. Sound too good to be true? We used a inch monitor and three speaker set, and although it was excep- tional by any standards, you couldn’t get the whole family around it.

Actions are also capable of triggering multiple actions, making the process of error-checking amenable to rocket scientists. It also means you can place 4, MB 4. You make a good point about some other com- mands that can be used— I am looking at doing a piece in the near fiiture about Web site maintenanceand both the grep and error log instances you men- tion are worthy of inclusion. Bizarrely, I could not even read the disk on my Mac- intosh!


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Simply put, Navigator mail does not pos- sess the management capabilities required by serious email users. With drag-and-drop simplici- ty, users will be able to move images from the PhotoSuite directly to Web pages. You’ll encounter them online where software gathers, at places like download.

I don’t remem- ber the specifics but I think the problem is that data on your hard drive gets corrupt gradually due to incompatibility with Win95 which was recently discovered.

This is a common mis- conception, and means that many Webmasters miss out on some of the most convenient and simple site management tools, which are parts of standard Unix.

Other stores will buy too much product in advance. To display the contents of a folder you 4wmb click on it, and the right pane of the browser window will display its mail content.

The strategy behind this is to grab greater “mind share” in the programming communi- ty, trying to freely harness the creative ener- gies of the thousands of programmers who can now create enhancements and custom versions of Netscape’s programs that are tight- ly rzge with the browser.