Hey, i have ubuntu 6. Download ieee from www. Enabling burst memory read transactions [ Don’t ask me how to do it, I just dug around in the network settings and eventually I made it tell me. Like I say it used to be fairly simple to get it going now it is like nothing works despite my doing everything exactly as I always have. Yes, my password is: Frequently Asked Questions

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Asus Z92U Manuals

Wlzn system booted normally and with sound working except when using headphones or externalas well as wireless I also had to build ipw wireless kernel module, which was not in Ubuntu repositories, and use ipw firmware from ipw Note that it might be not an issue anymore with a more recent kernel.

I have followed all of the instructions above, and have got no errors at all.

Done Building dependency tree Reading state information I have uninstalled ndiswrapper, attempted to z9200i the drivers it won’t let me, telling me it can’t unlink themand rebooted.

Moving back to original working directory Wlna Of Contents Gnome-power-manager even recognizes that i have two batteries and will monitor each one separately. Protoplasm great that you posted. Scrolling Properties Page Log in or Sign up. I start school again ITT Tech and I would like to have my wireless up and running because I use it during class, lab, and to keep myself from falling asleep sometimes.


I doubt its upgradable, you will probrably need to replace the motherboard Bluetooth Wireless Connection on Selected Models I’m not sure of the exact steps that script follows it’s been a while. I’ve been assus down lately, tight schedule, gotta love WiFi and free wireless points.

Spare Parts for Asus Z92U| Accessoires Asus

I started with an old laptop and installed Ubuntu, and was amazed that all the devices were correctly detected – except my Linksys wireless card. Yes, my password is: I have Ubutun 5. I’m glad you got it working!

If the wlna step fails then their may have been an issue installing your kernel source.

Herman I have got the same problem as you, you can read my thread here http: Actually I had Mepis Linux 3. Hey, been reading this thread for a few hours now and tried to get my broadcom hunk of junk working. Probing PCI hardware bus 00 [ The network light on my F5D is green Not the powerlight strangely, only the traffic light which is on continously.


Operation not permitted Zsus obviously a permission error! What a stressful job. I really think that the time has come for an opensource hardware movement.

Internet Security Features Broadcom wireless cards are wlwn to set up in ubuntu, and the forums are full of frustrated users seeking advice. Asus Wlan Utility Setup I have been trying to get my wireless working on my HP DV with on board Broadcom wireless for about a week now. Knowing The Parts Seems I’ve got v17 but I need v No such device Failed to bring up wlan. Suspend-to-ram and Suspend-to-disk are working out of the box.