I tried the alternative from the Japanese guy mentioned here. What did you set for Preamp under Replaygain? Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. On a page that has an excellent review of the Trends Audio UD, the author specifically moved to ASIO drivers and Winamp to achieve significantly better sound quality. This seemed like a good opportunity to learn some MMX, so I decided to write an MMX version of the 16 bit to 32 bit deinterleaving and converting function. I tried to tackle the issue from different angles.

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AFAIK, my soundcard doesn’t have bit playback support.

Winamp Asio Support | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Can anybody answer the questions that I posted above? I haven’t see that thank. Can’t say anything yet – August 24, by Srini Kasturi. Wnamp 22, at 4: No one really needs to do a synchronized realtime mix on a stream from a broadcaster when you can just simply record, and load it into audio editor at a later time.

ASIO output Plugin

Find More Posts by gaekwad2. I managed to get the EXE and dll files unzipped and installed in the Plugins folder. I tried the alternative from the Japanese guy mentioned here.

What are the actual benefits of running through ASIO drivers anyway? A simple scenario of loading and starting a device would go something like this most error handling is omitted for brevity:. I ran the utility and extracted the files.


Find More Posts by Rachid. Iirc it doesn’t work exactly like real ASIO drivers either more like kernel streaming.

Multidevice ASIO output plugin for WinAMP

Better use this one: In short, ASIO is an acronym for Audio Stream Input Output and is wihamp technology developed and publicly released by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH that tries to overcome inherent flaws in previous APIs for audio streaming that prevented the creation of low latency, wibamp accurate software applications for the personal computer the sample accurate part of course being more important for simple playback applications like this one.

Asko 15 of I tried to test and prove that the two poles are not the only available approaches and that code that is both efficient AND follows modern design patterns and idioms, or in other words, that is relatively easy to read and handle for both the developer AND the hardware, is actually possible. But all was not lost as looking more closely it can be seen that the SEH code in the atlbase.

Now seems to be a program error of some sort.

History First public release and submission to CodeProject. I will not clutter this text with the details as I think the code and its usage should be clear enough from the interface, comments and usage in the ConfigDlg module.

So I shouldn’t use 32bits int32bits floator 64bits float? Some other apps that use ASIO behave similarly.


As it aims at cross platform compatibility I must say I don’t understand why they chose COM only for the Wintel platform a simple DLL interface specification would have been enough but more bugging than that is the fact that they completely missed the whole point of COM, interfaces and object oriented design.

It seems alot of the other reviews give it 1 star because they couldn’t get it to work. There are two exe one for normal and one for SSE2 Double clicking will not launch either. For the said reason the current, suboptimal and hopefully temporary solution is that the waveOut and mixerAPI methods control the volume of only the default Windows audio device.

Probably Creative cards only, but it wasn’t working, stuttering sound etc. This works great for my set-up. OK, but glitches and more – works decent, with some exceptions. If you found word “ASIO” in manual or sound card box – try this plugin. What should I all the settings be set to? Find More Posts by brucemck2. The ‘efficient’ side of the story.