By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. This rules out the commonly used chips for nixie power supplies: In any case, I hope you enjoy this design and get a good use of it for your next Nixie Tube display. That’s another reason I am trying to cover them here, so I can use this post as consolidated reference any time I need it. For a DCM boost inductor, this energy is recycled back to the input. Wednesday, What is that now again? I have a lot hobbies and a job.

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SillyClock with dual LED matrix shield.

I wonder if one of Roman Black’s switching regulatorswhich doesn’t use any ICs — only transistors — could be adapted to this application? The Hackaday Prize. This circuit has its limitations of course, but it works far better than just reducing the anode voltage and current, which cannot be reduced below a certain point.

If you’re using a CMOSthe output current is much less and the switching time is correspondingly longer. If you have a “flashing dot” neon and reduced its intensity with a higher anode resistor already it may fail to operate 55 a certain dimming. Where is all that input power going? One way to reduce this loss is to reduce the gate drive resistor, R6, to niixe ohms.


I suspect if you try it with a CMOS at say double the frequency reduce the cap to 1nF and a better inductor you may see a dramatic improvement in efficiency.

Nixie tube High-Voltage Power Supply

This will require some more parts. An automated lab power supply power with no mains power interface. This design is intended as an Open Source Hardware.

Often people simulate such circuits to get an idea of what is happening, especially the power dissipation of certain components. So here is my approach that is a bit more complicated but seems to work fine.

Nixie Tube HV Driver | Circuit | Pinterest | Nixie tube, Electronic schematics and Circuit

According to the datasheets, the timers draw very little current. The DCM boost converter is a good topology choice for a nixie tube display. When these three items match, not only do you understand a system, but you have the best chance to 5555 a better solution. One of the most popular solution for the square wave oscillator is by using the ubiquitous This is also uncomfortably close to the saturation current of the inductor, which 5555 exacerbates the losses.

While not zero, the image shows that the current in the power FET has been reduced below 1 amp See channel 1: Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I thought about dual FETs and an inverter stage probably.

The schematic is standard, but there seem to be a few variations. That could be an open source extension to the design. Updated June 2, – added VFD power supply with automatic dimming 4 in the list belowcontributed by Ken This is a superficial review of the few schematics I encountered while building Nixie clocks, VFD clocks and Geiger counters no tube amplifier just yet. The top trace shows the power FET drain voltage rising from zero volts full on state to v full off state.


R12 was reduced to 4.

Nixie tube High-Voltage Power Supply |

Sign up nixif Email and Password. The limited output current of the means that the MOSFET can’t switch quickly from full-off to full-on and back again. You are about to report the project ” Nixie tube High-Voltage Power Supply nxiie, please tell us the reason. So what are we looking for? By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

I have just released plans for a VFD power supply with automatic dimming. Florin C May 23, at 5: So the key requirements are: Here it comes the hard point: